Monday, 4 July 2011

It begins

This will be the first in a hopefully not-too-irregular series following my wrestles with a seemingly insurmountable horde of bare plastic Orks. I've spent the last 2 years busily training as a teacher, but with summer fast approaching I've got time with paintbrush in hand to get stuck in, or at least look busy. The sheer amount of models needed to get an Ork army up and running has always dauted me, but didn't stop me collecting a fair few models..

Over the last two years I've accumulated 3 Black Reach boxed sets (of Games Workshop), so I have over 80 of the little blighters to go.

The list:
  • Black Reach box set
  • Black Reach box set
  • another Black Reach box set
  • another 20 Orks
  • 7 kommandos, including 2 burnyboyz
  • a shokk attack gun with accompanying big mek
  • a deff dred
  • 3 killer kans
  • a battlewagon
  • and a stompa
The big mek, battlewagon and stompa have all been painted. Well, the stompa was more covered than painted, so I've already got a transport and HQ choice.

This first month will be dominated by a box set (which will also take up most of August and even September - by then I should know my way around the 40-odd orks therein). To spice things up I plan to break the monotony with a deff dred or killa kan here or there..

July's target:

40 Orks (from the boxed set)
1 Warlord
1 Deff Dredd.

That's 1 HQ, 2 troops choices, and with the Big Mek another only-slightly-cheaty troops choice!

Combined with the battlewaggon, I should have the basics for a simple 750 point list. Rightho, that's enough procrastination for now...

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